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Insight-Driven Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, CloudRay is a pioneer in providing IT Consulting, IT Staffing, and Industrial Staffing solutions. At CloudRay, our tagline 'Insight-Driven Solutions' encapsulates our commitment to delivering innovative and tailored services in the realms of IT Consulting, IT Staffing, and Industrial Staffing. We believe in leveraging data-driven insights and industry expertise to provide the highest quality solutions for our clients.

What we do

IT Consulting

CloudRay prides itself on delivering practical and effective IT consulting services.Our tailored solutions cater to diverse IT needs, encompassing Cybersecurity excellence, Cloud Integration, and Digital Transformation. Prioritizing the security of digital assets, we adopt proactive defense strategies to navigate evolving Cyber Risks.

IT Staffing

CloudRay is committed to providing thoughtful and effective IT Staffing Solutions without the need for excessive marketing language. Our focus is on understanding the unique needs of our clients and delivering practical staffing support. Our dedicated team ensures you get the right talent, whether it's for a project or the long haul.

Industrial Staffing

CloudRay's approach to Industrial Staffing is all about simplicity and effectiveness. No jargon, just practical solutions. Our dedicated team is here to provide the right workforce for your industrial needs, whether it's a short-term project or a long-term requirement. We take the hassle out of staffing, making it easy for your business to find the right fit and get the job done.

Staffing Solutions

Temporary Staffing

Secure short-term talent to address immediate project requirements, providing flexibility and expertise

Augmented Staffing

Enhance your existing team with skilled professionals to meet evolving project demands and deadlines

Temp to Hire

Test the waters with temporary staff, then seamlessly transition them to full-time employees as needed

Permanent Placement

Find the ideal candidates for permanent positions, ensuring long-term success within your organization

IT Consulting

Strategic IT Solutions

Leverage our expertise in IT Consulting to develop strategic solutions that align with your business objectives

Project Management

Ensure the successful planning, execution, and delivery of IT Projects with our experienced project management team

System Integration

Seamlessly integrate emerging technologies into your existing IT Infrastructure to optimize performance

Digital Transformation

Drive your organization forward with our Digital Transformation services, aligning technology with your long-term vision

Discover the right Service Model for your needs with CloudRay

Project-Based Services

Our Project-Based services encompass SOW-based projects where we take on complete projects, outlining scopes, objectives, deliverables, and timelines in a critical SOW.

On-Demand Consulting

Clients seeking specific, well-defined projects can engage us on an as-needed basis


Managed Services

We take on ongoing management and support responsibilities for specific IT functions, such as IT infrastructure, helpdesk services, or cybersecurity

Staff Augmentation

For precise roles or projects, we offer individual resource-based services.

Serving All Industries

IT Transformation

IT Transformation made easy

IT Consulting, IT Services

Construction Talent

Hire Construction Talent

Industrial Staffing, Construction

Web Development

Web Development

App Development, Web Development


Service Desk & Operations

Managed IT Services, Support Functions

electrical works

Hiring Engineers for your needs

Engineers, Industrial Staffing



Staffing Solutions, Mobile App Development


Secure Your Data with Security Solutions

Cybersecurity, IT Consulting


Connecting Skills to Factories

Manufacturing, Industrial Staffing

Employee Testimonials

After being an employee at CloudRay for 11 years, I highly recommend the company for fulfilling long-term projects.
At CloudRay, I never felt like a consultant; instead, I was embraced as a full-time employee, contributing to the organization's success.
Joined CloudRay right after my post-graduation and have been an employee for 15 years. My H1B and Green Card processing was flawless, making my journey towards permanent residency seamless and stress-free
I sincerely appreciate the invaluable support during my time at CloudRay, consistently provided exceptional guidance and assistance whenever I needed it.

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